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Defence Equipment



​Shrike Marine, founded in South Africa with the objective of providing specialized electronic hardware solutions, has expanded in areas of high frequency, power supply and power distribution primarily for military use.


Harnessing & Cables



As an adjunct, Shrike Marine also manufactures high quality handmade internal and external cable harnessing assemblies to mil specs for use in aviation, defense, UAV and vehicle systems.

Shrike Marine Submarine Display Console
Shrike Marine Harness Cables with Assy Doc
Customer Focus


Shrike Marine is a flexible design house that is able to rapidly put together prototypes for integration into our clients’ systems.  We also have the experience to put these prototypes through qualification and the facilities at our disposal to deliver the production items.  Shrike Marine is able to produce both low and high quantities of the end product and has ISO9001 certification.

We have partnered with a number of well known companies both locally and abroad to research and develop bespoke solutions which have proven to be innovative and cost effective.


Focussing on systematically delivering extremely high quality, the breadth of our solutions includes product and system design, equipment and component procurement, integrating and testing sub systems, and training and maintenance support.


If you are looking for an electronics-based solution for use in a demanding and exacting environment, then a discussion with us may provide a tailor-made and cost effective result. We employ the best brains.



Power Supplies and Distribution


Depot Level Charger


Research & Development


Harnessing Manufacture and Assembly


Harnessing Automated Tester

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