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Shrike is an ideal partner for your UAV requirements

Shrike is able to provide:

1. Ground station consoles

2. Two axis pan and tilt systems including mast

3. Power distribution systems

4. Cable and wire harnessing solutions

Ground Stations

Shrike is able to provide bespoke consoles to house all your ground station equipment. These may be either single or dual monitor systems complete with function keys, rugged keyboard, track ball, uninterrupted power supply and full complement of cabling Solutions are tailored to meet your requirement and can range from lightweight personnel portable to vehicle mounted equipment.

Two-Axis Pan and Tilt systems

Our partnership with Harmonic Drive enables Shrike to provide extremely accurate pan and tilt systems. These may be integrated on a pneumatic mast. Standard interfaces such as CAN J1939, RS485, RS232 make integration with your system seamless.

Power Distribution Systems

Shrike is able to offer both distributed and non-distributed power distribution systems. With a range of features such as high side and low side switching, programmable trip levels and speeds, monitoring in the form of both digital and analog inputs. Standard interfaces provided are CAN J1939, RS485, RS232. A USB interface is provided with GUI for easy setup.

Cable and Wire Harnessing

Shrike wire harnessing division is able to produce high quality flight ready harnessing. All cables are built to IPC-620-WHMA class 3. Full traceability is standard. We also offer a drafting service, to design and document your needs.

For more information on any of the above please contact:


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