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Harmonic Drive 

Shrike Marine is the South African distributor for Harmonic Drive ®
Precision Technology


Since its inception over 40 years ago Harmonic Drive SE, with nearly 400 staff
at the Limburg, has transformed itself into the company offering the solution of choice for high precision drive technology.


Whether for servo drives, direct drives, gears following the strain wave principle or planetary gears: the more demanding the task, the better! 


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Harmonic Drive SE supplies gears and actuators for use in azimuth & elevation axes of the weapon station and in the pan & tilt axes of the camera. Important factors for the selection of Harmonic Drive® Gears are high accuracy, low weight, hollow shaft for implementing a slip ring and high power density.


Due to challenging demands, close dialogue with our customer was necessary when specifying the special lubricants and materials used in this application. 

Harmonic Drive South Africa
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