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Shrike Harnessing and Looms

One of Shrike’s core capabilities is manufacturing harnessing and looms. Our harnesses are used in various industries mainly being defence, aviation, UAVs, mining and vehicles. We are able to offer customers different solutions depending on their requirements from a full electronic system design to just the design and manufacture of the cables required. All harness assemblies that are manufactured by Shrike Marine are manufactured to IPC-620WHMA standard, by qualified technicians.

Shrike Marine’s internal processes are based on a manufacturing data pack consisting of the following:

• Assembly Drawing – graphical representation of the final harness. Information such as cable lengths, labels, connector types and junction positions will be shown.

• Parts List – details all the parts used in the cable. Numerical bubbles on the assembly drawing will illustrate where the various parts are used.

• Wiring Diagram – schematic representation of the cable showing all various interconnections, shielding, twisted pairs, and any additional electrical features.

• Test Document – a list of all connections and connectors is provided in this document. The cable assembly technician will use this list to check correct interconnectivity. This document will also contain information regarding labels and lengths.

The completed assemblies are tested by the assembly technician, before final QA testing and outgoing inspection. The QA goes through a comprehensive checklist which includes Megger Testing the harness assembly to ensure insulation integrity. Each harness assembly is delivered to the client with manufacturing documentation, QA signed outgoing inspection checklist and certificate of conformance. If there is a service that you think may be useful for your company please contact or +27 82 761 1835.


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