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Defence Equipment


Shrike Marine Defence Equipment LAN
LAN Control Panel

The LAN Control Panel was designed and built to facilitate the rapid deployment of our client’s system as well as allowing them to utilise fiber to copper converters.


It is designed to fit into a backpack frame, together with other key elements of the system. Connections are made within the frame, and connectors on the face of the LCP are available to connect the frame to the rest of the system.


The copper to fiber converters used require power. The LCP conditions the power supplied by battery. Key to the LCP is its efficiency and ruggedness as the backpack frames may be air dropped into regions where they are required. The LCP can be immersed in a meter of water for an hour, provided the dust caps are in place and the frame’s interconnections are made.


Defence Memory Stick Shrike Marine South Africa
Mass Storage Device

The 16GB Mass Storage Device is a 16GB USD flash disk specifically for military and rugged environments.


Being based on the SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive, allows practical COTS solution to keep pace with the rapid developments in this aspect of computing.


Key to the design is the Mil-Circular connector with dust cap ensuring that the unit will survive the harshest environments, both operationally and in transit. Although the military style connector increases the overall dimensions the MSD is still small enough to fit easily into ones pockets or around ones neck. 

Thermal Imager Integration


Shrike Marine’s thermal imager system integrates a COTS thermal imager with the Star Streak missile launcher system.


The thermal imager, human machine interface (image shown above) and optical projection unit are mounted on a frame, which in tern is mounted on the missile launcher, giving it a night shoot capability.


The thermal imager system may be used both at night and during the day as the thermal image is super imposed on the image through the aiming unit view finder, giving hot items a green haze.


All aiming unit controls and symbology remain unchanged.

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