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Shrike Marine AC Power Supply South Africa
AC Power Distribution Unit

The AC power distribution unit is class 2 power distribution system.  It has been developed specifically to be mounted into the frame of a backpack where space and mass are crucial.  Use of solid state FET switches, that have been developed in house, ensure un-interrupted power distribution regardless of the orientation, shock or vibration that the unit may be exposed to. 


The ACPDU has a single input and six outputs all with lightning protection.  Each output’s rms current is electronically monitored and will trip should the set threshold be exceeded.  A separate circuit handles short circuit protection, switching the unit off as soon as a short is identified.  Earth Leakage protection is also monitored electronically and shuts down all outputs as well as disconnecting the unit from the neutral line. 

Shrike Marine DC Power Supply South Africa
DC Power Distribution Unit

The DCPDU’s function is to distribute power to multiple units while protecting them from overload.


Each output’s instantaneous current is monitored. Any sharp spikes or increased current draw will cause that output to be shutdown, thereby protecting that device. Each output has a status LED next to it, that displays whether that output has been shutdown or not. The LEDs only light up when the status button is depressed.


The shutdown outputs maybe restarted without affecting the other outputs but pressing the reset button. Input voltage of the unit is also monitored and when it is out of range by more than 5% its status LED will illuminate Red.

Shrike Marine DC Power Supply South Africa
24V Power Supply Unit


The 24VPSU is an efficient compact 100W ac to dc power supply unit, which is designed to fit in to the frame of a backpack.  It is operated from a nominal supply voltage of 110Vac or 220Vac at a frequency of 47Hz to 63Hz and supplies 24Vdc. 


The unit has completely independent built-in test circuitry which monitors the supply power and output voltage.  A LED above the input and output connectors displays the status while the “Status” button is pressed.  The output current is monitored internally and should an overload be detected the output is shutdown for 10µs.  The unit will continue to restart itself until the fault is corrected.  The unit also has built in short circuit protection which is self recovering when the short circuit is removed.  An “On/Off” push button on the front panel allows the user to enable or disable the output.


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