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Power Supply Tester

The variable load tester has been developed to accurately test power supplies, generators and power distribution units.


It is able to supply the unit under test (UUT) with mains power up to 3kW and/or variable dc power from 9V to 36V at 13.5A. Its linear loads are able to load the unit under test to up to 3kW for AC outputs between 180Vac to 250Vac and up to 1kW for DC outputs up to 36V. It has voltage and current sensors on both the outputs to the UUT and inputs to the variable loads.


A 7” high definition touch screen provides and intuitive user interface with user login. Providing different capabilities to different levels of user. The most basic functionality is able to run automated tests that are pre-loaded for the various UUTs. An automated report is generated in a .pdf format. More advanced users are able to run real-time tests such as: line regulation, load regulation, noise and ripple. As well as make transient measurements such as: start up, shut down, load step and load ramp.


Cable Tester, Military, South Africa, Vehicle cables, UAV cables, power supply automated test
Automated Cable Tester

Shrike Marine's cable loom tester is an advanced, low cost, flexible instrument capable of testing wiring harnesses with up to 55 inter-connections.


Two 55-way connectors on the front panel enable a short adaptor cable to interface the instrument to the cable under test. A 7" capacitive touch display provides a clear, intuitive user interface, allowing the user to login, select the cable configuration to be tested and run tests. A single start button initiates a full range of tests that include: continuity, individual line resistances and high potential voltage testing. An automated report in PDF format is generated documenting test results as well as user information, time, date, temperature and relative humidity.


Click here for the full details and demonstration video



Cable Tester, Military, South Africa, Vehicle cables, UAV cables, power supply automated test
CAN Distribution Units

Shrike Marine’s CAN distribution unit, designed to meet the requirements of modern military vehicles, is a compact digital system providing distributed DC power (4.2 to 48V) to localized equipment, ideal for equipment racks or mounted hardware. The standard CAN V2.0B interface allows easy integration with a vehicle’s existing CANbus.


Multiple CDUs may be placed in convenient locations throughout the vehicle and controlled from a central unit connected to the CANbus.  This simplifies installation by greatly reducing number of wires necessary, harness complexity and weight. Available outputs ensure upgradability and permit a single vehicle to be fitted for multiple roles in one interactive, seamless system.


Each CDU has a single 100A input and five fused and controllable 20A outputs, which for larger power requirements, may be paralleled. The CDUs monitor current draw of each output and voltage of each node alerting the user to any abnormal conditions that may exist.


The system allows automation of complicated control and monitoring functions by allowing numerous circuits to be enabled or disabled simultaneously through a pre-programmable feature.


Units can be configured to include a variety of selectable options such as dimming, soft-starting and automatic shutdown.  Non-technical personnel can quickly and easily replace damaged modules that are automatically reprogrammed on start-up.


Use of digital switching technology allows for greater redundancy, more robust and reliable solutions, and provides a simplified level of user interface not easily achievable with conventional systems.

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