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Power Supply Tester

Power Supply Tester, Military power supplies, South Africa, Automated test, ACPDU, 24V, DCPDU, PMU, UAV power supplies

The variable load tester has been developed to accurately test power supplies, generators and power distribution units.


It is able to supply the unit under test (UUT) with mains power up to 3kW and/or variable dc power from 9V to 36V at 13.5A. Its linear loads are able to load the unit under test to up to 3kW for AC outputs between 180Vac to 250Vac and up to 1kW for DC outputs up to 36V.


It has voltage and current sensors on both the outputs to the UUT and inputs to the variable loads.


A 7” high definition touch screen provides and intuitive user interface with user login. Providing different capabilities to different levels of user.


The most basic functionality is able to run automated tests that are pre-loaded for the various UUTs. An automated report is generated in a .pdf format.


More advanced users are able to run real-time tests such as: line regulation, load regulation, noise and ripple. As well as make transient measurements such as: start up, shut down, load step and load ramp.


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