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VEPMS - Operator Unit

Shrike Marine UAV Power Supply

The HMI operator interface unit (OU) is a fully configurable control computer with a sunlight readable, ruggedized touch screen providing the interface between vehicle crew and the power management system.  It allows fingertip control of all circuits as well as displaying important onboard system information such as power levels and usage, tank levels, pressures and temperatures, and external monitor readings.  This unit enables the link to data transmission via the vehicle’s communication system.

Mechanical push button controls are provided as convenient, alternative and backup control of all connected equipment.

Customizable operating modes are instantly selectable from the touch screen, which allows complete operator control over individual channels of the distributed power modules.

The unit offers a structured menu system to provide intuitive access to all information and controls.  Multiple circuits can be configured to operate with the push of a single button.

Typical system information would include:

  • Alternator output voltage/current/temperature

  • AC input voltage and current

  • Multiple battery banks fuel gauges and estimated time remaining

  • DU node voltages and loads and temperatures


Monitoring functions:

  • Fuel and water tank levels

  • Equipment and environment temperatures

  • Hydraulic and tire pressures

  • External environment sensor readings



  • Logging of battery minimum and maximum voltage levels

  • Logging of minimum and maximum power consumptions

  • Health and usage monitoring systems data (HUMS)

  • Configurable alarm set points

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