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Depot Level Charger

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Shrike Marine’s depot level battery charger (SDLC) provides the next generation in intelligent, Wi-Fi enabled, battery management solutions at depot level. Numerous benefits include:

  • Sophisticated algorithm-controlled charging to maximize battery life

  • Smart clamp protection against short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, undercurrent, under-voltage, reverse polarity, overheating, and reverse power drain

  • Comprehensive wireless data recording and reporting

  • Exceptional build quality in a rugged, ergonomic design, lightweight, compact and dust and waterproof to IP67

  • Modular approach to enable linking of multiple chargers and ancillary equipment


The standard SLDC unit comes with a 1kW output, able to handle 24V systems automatically, with two outputs making it possible to charge both primary engine batteries and auxiliary batteries from a single charger. Latest advanced charging algorithms, using battery temperature, voltage and coulomb counting techniques, ensure batteries are optimally charged, and even severely depleted batteries may be resuscitated.


Wi-Fi is standard. This allow users to connect smart phones or laptops wirelessly to chargers and provides an intuitive interface giving detailed reporting on the state of the batteries.  Additionally, data-over-power cable transmissions can be commissioned if required. 


Comprehensive data from chargers can be routed back to a central command (depot office) providing state-of-charge information, charging rate (amps), time to complete charging, battery cycles, etc.  Should multiple SDLCs be in service, management software loaded on a depot computer keep the depot manager apprised of the current status of chargers and vehicles being charged, and records battery life history.  Alarms may be set to ensure rotation of chargers, so all vehicles are maintained. 


A CAN-enabled battery manager fitted to the vehicle battery offers increased functionality to both to vehicle and the SDLC:

  1. Control the parallel connection between auxiliary and primary battery

  2. Accurate state of charge for up to 6 batteries

  3. Service timer

  4. CAN interface available to the vehicle

  5. Statistical data

  6. Interface to the SDLC making data available via an SDLC application


Where mains power is not available in the field, a solar solution is also offered. There are two options:

  1. A tactical, flexible, roll-out solar panel solution

  2. A depot solar panel stand on wheels

MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) ensures maximum charging speed is achieved.


An inverter option provides 240VAC emergency mains power from vehicle batteries and can be combined with the Lithium Ion heavy-duty emergency starter pack to give the user a short-term, stand-alone mains power supply. 


The Shrike Marine depot level battery charger offers a new and modern approach to vehicle fleet battery management in an attractive, cost-effective package with customizable add-on options.  Increased vehicle availability, longer battery life and improved fleet management are the result.

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