Automated Cable Tester


Cable Tester, Military, South Africa, Vehicle cables, UAV cables, power supply automated test
Cable Tester, Military, South Africa, Vehicle cables, UAV cables, power supply automated test
Automated Cable Tester

Shrike Marine's cable loom tester is an advanced, low cost, flexible instrument capable of testing wiring harnesses with up to 55 inter-connections.


Two 55-way connectors on the front panel enable a short adaptor cable to interface the instrument to the cable under test. A 7" capacitive touch display provides a clear, intuitive user interface, allowing the user to login, select the cable configuration to be tested and run tests. A single start button initiates a full range of tests that include: continuity, individual line resistances and high potential voltage testing. An automated report in PDF format is generated documenting test results as well as user information, time, date, temperature and relative humidity.


New cables can be learned by simply connecting a cable that is the reference cable to the tester and selecting the "learn" function. Other cables of the same configuration may then be tested against that within a selectable tolerance.


For cables with intermittent performance problems, a real time test mode if offered. This allows the user to monitor either continuity, resistance or insulation integrity while subjecting the cable to mechanical tests. Milliohm accuracy of resistance measurements means that the system is able to detect difference in cable length as well as ensuring the correct wire gauge has been installed during manufacture.


The cable tester is bench top equipment that can easily be used in any lab, office or stores environment. Together, with LAN connectivity for easy access to reports and cable configuration files, this instrument is ideal for any company utilizing wire harnesses.


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